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I found that after I did my upgrade I had to reinstall some specific driver software I had installed under Tiger. Had the same problem Greg. Try using, in the APN name field, telstra. I found the info i needed to get it going here: Thanks Rod — great help. I have the same card as you, on a Bigpond business plan. I had to use the following APN: Both Apple and Telstra tech support today indicated they had no solutions and no idea of when a solution would be forthcoming.

Nice to know there are some working brains out there! I just want to say a huge thankyou to you for taking the time to set this out step by step and so easy to follow. Had given up and not used it since but then when I got the latest account I thought I should try again and did another google and found your fabulous info. Thanks so much again. I just found a cool piece of software. It seems to be a Connection Manager that has all the settings of all the operators, including those of Telstra. They offer it for free at their website, http: Probably frustrated with the Telstra software i reckon.

Andrea, I tried that Connection Manager you mentioned and it works really well. Thanks for the tip! You can find the fix here: I downloaded the updated Telstra GT Connect software that jrod mentioned. It did work, after some fiddling with incorrect IP numbers already in the Mac from some phone dealer.

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No idea yet whether it will stay working. This was useful but I got fed up with problems with Telstra and cancelled my service. A question though: Hey There was just surfing around the search engines looking for some new learning material when i located this post on yahoo search.

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Habe auf deiner Seite leider wenig entdeckt. Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. See ya around! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address.

Still not finding what you're looking for? Drop a comment on a post or contact us so we can take care of it! Images contained on this web site may not be used or reproduced in any way without prior permission. Powered by WordPress. Sweet icons by famfamfam. Uninstalling the SierraWatcher software in the first step if you have it installed. The Modem should appear in the column list on the left of the Network System Preferences pane: You do not need to enter anything into the Account Name and Password fields: Now click Apply in the Network System Preferences pane and that is basically it.

Little development came of it, but StarNine has remained a wholly-owned subsidiary and thrives on its own. Already a content provider with efforts like MSN and MSNBC, WebTV also gives Microsoft a strong foothold in an emerging online consumer electronics market and - perhaps more importantly - may let Microsoft control key patents relating to set-top box design and software technology. Because Virtual PC aims to emulate a processor, not an operating system, it reportedly will enable Mac users to run off-the-shelf versions of DOS, Windows 3. Although there are emulation alternatives like Insignia's SoftWindows or plugging in a hardware card, I expect that Virtual PC will inject new blood into the emulation market.

Despite problems with their server, Microsoft collected more than ten times the data it was looking for in a week and a half, and says it received a strong message about what Macintosh users expect from software.

New GlobeTrotter card offers HSDPA for MacBook Pro

Nice job, folks - we'll see if we can convince Microsoft to pass along the survey results. If you didn't get a chance to take the survey, Microsoft has a general feedback area where users can comment on any of their products. For further information, see the files that accompany the online version of the update or URLs below.

The 7. You don't need DiskCopy to use the net install version. English system software. Apple says localized versions of the update should be available within 90 days. So What Is It? Mac OS 7. It's not intended to offer new features or add items released since Mac OS 7.

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However, it also contains a handful of subtle fixes that can be useful for owners of Mac OS 7. For a detailed overview of Mac OS 7. About Those Type 11 Errors The big talk about Mac OS 7. Unfortunately, this has been widely misinterpreted in discussion forums and some press reports as a giant leap in the stability of Mac OS 7. Here's the real story: Frequently, the Macintosh had another error code that accurately described the problem, but because the crash happened in PowerPC code the Mac couldn't do anything more precise, and users saw the number The big change in Mac OS 7.

This doesn't mean the crashes have gone away, but rather that the system software can now report them accurately. So what? If the crash is still going to happen, what does it matter if a different error number is reported? The difference is in how the Mac can handle those errors. Without a low-level debugger like MacsBug installed, a Type 11 error forces the immediate restart of your computer: Under Mac OS 7.

You should still restart your Mac after such an error there's no telling what the crashed application left in memory , but now you'll be able to save work in other applications, eject disks, or make a quick backup copy of an important file before you restart. Yes, it's still a crash, but in many cases it'll be a nicer crash. What Else Is There?

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Including CFMK 4. In recent months there has been a cacophony of versions, reversions, and regressions of ObjectSupportLib, which would be funny if all the shenanigans hadn't caused so much confusion. Complete, gory details are available in an Apple Tech Note, but the bottom line is that you should use ObjectSupportLib 1. Apple has made a complete list of updated components, changes, and known problems in Mac OS 7. Should You Install 7. If you own Mac OS 7. If you use or support a range of Macintoshes including older 68K machines along with newer models and need to have one comprehensive system release that will work well on all those machines, then the 7.

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  6. Otherwise, if you're looking for new features, bells, and whistles, it's probably best to wait for Mac OS 8 Tempo , due to ship in July. Unfortunately, I was slowed by my Macintosh's strange crashing problems with Modern Memory Manager turned off more on that later , Globetrotter's documentation, and my false expectation that Globetrotter shipped as it was billed in pre-release versions - as software intended for people who want to print documents and publish them as Web sites. Instead, over time, I learned that Globetrotter is aimed at those who want to make Web pages using word processing tools.

    Globetrotter also works reasonably well for producing printed documents, but that's primarily a side-effect of the fact that Globetrotter has much in common with FullWrite. Some have a good set of keyboard shortcuts, but others - particularly menus for tables and forms - lack shortcuts.

    You'll also notice buttons for switching between Browser View and Page View. In Browser View, you cannot make changes, but you can see how your document might appear on the Web. In Page View, you can edit documents, and additional buttons such as two-page view appear and modify Page View. I spent most of my time in Page View because my Mac crashed four of the first five times I tried to switch into Browser view. To make a Web page in Globetrotter, just start typing. You can also paste in text or import files via XTND. You can apply formats like bold, small caps, or strikeout, change fonts and sizes, and even change text color.

    There are few ways to control or - in some cases - predict how Globetrotter will convert formats to HTML. Globetrotter feels like a word processor. Sometimes this is good, but other times it's weird, because Globetrotter operates on a printed page metaphor, not a screen metaphor. When you insert a page break after a few inches of text, you see a big blank area representing the rest of a sheet of paper. The blank area only shows in Globetrotter, not on the Web, and there's no way to set a custom page size that equates to a screen.

    The bulk of Globetrotter's Web publishing features are accessible through a regrettably modal, multi-tabbed Web Setup dialog box where you configure most Web-related details: Slip Between the Style Sheets -- Globetrotter beats the PageMill-and-friends crowd with its ability to connect styles to how text appears on the Web.

    For example, to structure a site quickly, you could style main topics with a paragraph style called "Contents. Contents-styled topics could appear in a navigation bar on each page a text-based bar or one based on Globetrotter's limited button set. Main topics could also appear in a bulleted list on a separate page or at the bottom of the first page. But, there's no way to customize this list, and no way to create list sub-heads. In Globetrotter, you can't see the list or the navigation bars, but they do appear when you preview or export to HTML. Akimbo prefers the term "publish" instead of "export.

    Styles like "Heading1" or "IndentedQuote" would easily map to HTML tags without confusing users, and they might push authors towards creating well-structured documents where tags indicate text's function in a document, not just its appearance. Links -- Linking options are weak in Globetrotter. Linked text appears with a dotted underline, but you cannot wave the mouse over linked text to see the URL; instead, you must double-click the text to open a dialog containing the URL.

    Other problems include no single-step method for removing link information and no way to access frequently or recently used URLs. Although savvy Globetrotter users can handle intra-site links through styles, Globetrotter can also convert URLs in the text to links, or you can make links by hand. If you create a link by hand, you can choose a picture or button to represent the start of the link. The text that acts as the start of the link automatically appears in the button.

    Globetrotter has no link verification feature, but it can store URLs in its glossary.