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First look: Visual Studio for Mac is here at last, almost

Net Framework, and the Mono project spearheaded by Miguel de Icaza first at Ximian, then Novell, then Xamarin, and finally at Microsoft , might provide a path to a unified development platform. I for one had no idea it would take so long, although I was aware of at least some of the rather Byzantine politics going on among the various interested parties, through my involvement with the. Net series of books. The introduction of the lightweight, portable Visual Studio Code, and the gradual integration of Xamarin tools into Visual Studio , were positive signs in my view.

In general terms Visual Studio for Mac is an integrated Macintosh development environment for C and F applications that run on iOS, Android, and Mac targets, with a variety of application forms and technologies, including game engines. Several of the app types use portable frameworks. All without conceding to Boot Camp; but it looks like that time has not yet come. But Visual Studio it is not. I gave it a good three hours of testing: And opening the first project from GitHub was easy as well. Here is what I found:.

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Yep, it is totally light. It is all about get in, code, commit and leave. Which is nice, because if you are used to Visual Studio, you know it can be very heavy. Visual Studio Code takes much less time to launch, and auto-complete is way faster. The search interface is really nice. It is responsive and supports Regex. But for other languages, like PHP, all you get is syntax highlighting. It is. Why would you not put more effort into the code support here? You can only run Mono and Node. Which is pretty confusing, as the language support is not great for Mono, but you can debug for it.

This was a freebie for them. All they do is call your locally installed mono compiler, which does the work.

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It is not likely, even with the really cute debug icon, you will be doing any debugging. It was a bit of a let down, but it is still neat.

The actual use cases must be pretty limited. Nor do I see it being used in any sustained capacity. So why does it exist? It certainly was developed well. But I also get this weird feeling, which I also got at Build , that Microsoft and Xamarin are up to something.

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  • Although on so many levels they are competitors, they go out of their way to work together. And the more Microsoft places products on the same machine as Xamarin tools, the better. Conspiracy, much?

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    But after a few hours you will get the gist. Feature image via Flickr Creative Commons. Visual Studio for Mac: The Pros, Cons and Curiosities.