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Furthermore, you can keep track of appointments and meetings, organize them into a calendar and make sure they do not overlap. The browser comes with all the basic functions you might need, including creating bookmarks so you can access your favorite pages at a later time, with a simple mouse click. All in all, MSN Explorer can help you efficiently manage your business mails, contacts and meetings, while also storing all your multimedia files and monitoring the stock.

MSN Explorer. Jul 11th, Commercialware. All-in-one software application from Microsoft that lets you explore a webpage, send an email, start a chat conversation with one of your friends and more. Click to load comments. MSN Explorer 5. What a laugh. You apple only fanboys have a crazy idea of what is possible. Microsoft could buy Apple, but not the other way around. Microsoft is doing a fine job at ruining themselves anyway. Matter of fact that is a stereo type. I run both Microsoft and Apple products in my household.

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Microsoft has its pros and cons as much as Apple. But they both are equal in a way. At this point its like comparing apples and windows they are both completely different ones a fruit, one is glass. Better yet, how about we SHUN any Microsoft-provided browser this time instead of having to work to support it? If it works, great. I recommend they look at more secure and better alternatives like Chrome.

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As an engineer, if you need to build product for a company that uses IE on their workstations, then you need to build a product for a company that uses IE on their workstations. All done A: Better to have it and not need it, than to not have it and miss out on a contract. Well… if something were not to work, would you want to drive yourself crazy debugging something that may be a problem in wine?

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Interesting comments. Primarily Mac now due to starting a photography company. For years I was in the software business world — and mostly windows shops were the order of the day.

I always thought that MS gave everyone job security. Shoddy software is always having issues that need fixing and supplying everyone with lots to do!

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Nothing at all wrong with that. I love all operating systems. I love the massive library of apps and tools available on windows, which increases productivity.

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If I want to work on a design project, Mac OSX has done the job better for me and has a cleaner interface in my opinion, and linux especially Ubuntu is the best when it comes to full customization and control of your internals. Thanks so much for posting this. Instructions worked well. But running in the VM is it asking for a sign-in password to use Edge. I tried all pertinent combinations but none worked. Is there something I am missing in setting this up? Just stuck with it too. So I found it it is — Passw0rd! Taken from the download page.

Have I missed any settings? Edge is a funny animal.

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They see it on the task bar, click on it then wonder why it doesnt automatically go to our intranet. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Michael says: December 1, at Alex says: December 1, at 2: Chad says: December 4, at 6: Rodsworth says: December 5, at Daniel says: November 19, at 4: December 10, at Ozzy says: February 22, at 7: Shayne O'Neill says: October 25, at 5: May 17, at 1: Jason says: December 1, at 1: Kathryn says: May 9, at 7: December 2, at 6: December 2, at Nuri says: December 2, at 2: Timmers says: December 2, at 3: