Read iphone sms on mac

After installation, open the program from the desktop shortcut and you will see the main UI shown like this:.

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Take out of iPhone user cable and use it to connect the iPhone to computer. A few seconds alter, you will see the device name displayed on the main screen. If the iPhone couldn't scanned by the program, you need to check if iTunes was installed on the computer. Click on "SMS" from the options given on the left sidebar and it should display all the text messages from iPhone. If you want to save your messages to computer then simply click on "Export to" then choose the directory where you are saving the messages and store them on your computer.

This program can totally manage all of your messaging activities from the computer. You will be happy to see how much easier you can life can get with this program. In case, you backed up iPhone with iCloud and want to view the messages from it, which was already deleted on your iPhone. It is possible with the help of iCloud Backup Extractor.

Step 1: Download and install iCloud Backup Extractor.

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Finally, open the program and click "Recover from iCloud Backup File". Step 3: When the download process is completed, click "Start Scan" button to analyze the text messages on that backup file.

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Use Messages with your Mac

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  • Future Apple Watches may be flexible and sport a magnetic wristband. Click on the Messages app in your Mac to open it. Go to your iPhone. Tap Text Message Forwarding. Or you can choose the messages and export them to your computer if you have a need.

    How to Activate Text Message Forwarding in iOS 11

    Nowadays, you can read your text messages without your phone. So, if you left your iPhone at home or it was stolen, damaged or not working, you can read your text messages online so that you'll never lose any essential messages. Of course, you need to find some apps as your assistant, and here we have collected and picked up the top 3 online iPhone SMS readers for your reference.

    See Also: Mobile Spy is a message app for iPhone users. It can records every sent or received messages from your iPhone on the computer. With it, you don't have to check your phone for every notification, and all contents can be viewed and replied from your personal computer or tablet without restrictions. What's more, this app also allows users to get full access to your iPhone history, like browsing history, GPS, call history, etc. So, in order to protect your personal privacy, please keep your password to the site secure.

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    So, if you doesn't have enough budget, it may not the best tool for you. MySMS is another excellent texting app, which can be used on your personal computer or tablet well. With it, you can directly check who is texting you and its detailed contents without your phone. This app is a cross platform, and can be downloaded and installed on both Android and iOS devices.

    5 Ways to Read & View iPhone Text Messages on Computer/Mac

    This app allows you to upload your text messages from iPhone to YouArchive. It for safe keeping. But it only save the past text messages on your iPhone and doesn't allow you to see or reply new messages you received. To view the backed up messages, you only need to log into the website, then all uploaded messages will be displayed for viewing. If you don't like the solutions we mentioned above, then you can take this way into consideration. You can choose to copy the file to computer when you have a need.

    Generally speaking, SMS Export is a simple app, which can help you deal with SMS exporting issues well, but it is not a free app, so you need to spend some money for getting it.