Mac to windows video file converter

So for meeting the different requirements from users, there are many video converters for your information to convert video files to other popular video formats on Mac and Windows computer. There are two large types of video converters, one is the online free video file converter, another is the professional yet paid video converter, and the latter choice need to be downloaded to the Mac or Windows computer.

Both the two kinds video converters have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the online free video converter is convenient to use, while users need to think twice before using as free and online tool does not have the security guarantee. To make a difference, even though the professional video file converter needs to be downloaded, it ensures the safety and prevents the virus detecting your computer.

So in this article, we separately introduce the best way to convert videos on Mac and Windows computer with the professional video file converter. How about downloading videos from YouTube? It is just a piece of cake. Further, you are able to download any videos and music videos from YouTube, Facebook, Viemo and other video sites.

Is it unavailable to play the downloaded video on Mac? Try to convert the downlaoded video to the popular MP4 and other formats with this professional video converter. Under many circumstances, people want to save the video for a long time. You may capture a video with your camera, phone, camrecorder and now you want to watch the video on your DVD player. Or you may want to burn your videos and movies to DVD to free up some space of the hard drive. In any event, you need to convert the video to DVD.

10 free video converters for Windows and Mac

Here is a detailed guide for Mac users to convert video files. You need to download this powerful Video Converter for Mac first. And then we will use it to convert video files on Mac. Click Add File button to load the video you want to converter. This software supports almost all kind of video formats and video resolution. Vox is another tool for audio conversion worth your consideration.

To convert your video launch HandBrake and in the navigation window that appears, select the video file you want to convert.


Click Start and your video is converted. HandBrake can convert as well as rip media. HandBrake has a couple of advantages over the Lion Automator and iTunes methods.

The first is that it can convert video files not natively supported by the Mac OS. You can, for example, convert. It also allows you to batch process files.

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Just select a file you wan to convert and click the Add To Queue button at the top of the HandBrake window. Then add any other files you want to convert, using this same Add To Queue button. HandBrake will set about converting all the files in the queue.

Audio and video

As I hinted earlier, the Internet is choked with media conversion applications. And why bother when, for the price of your next breath, you can have a free tool that gets the job done? Chris has covered technology and media since the latter days of the Reagan Administration. In addition to his journalistic endeavors, he's a professional musician in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are scads of media conversion tools advertised on the Web. But you needn't pay for a single It's always a good idea to back up your iTunes library. But if disaster does strike, you may not be Introduced in iTunes 9, Home Sharing was initially designed to allow you to share music and copy How to convert audio to other formats.

VidConvert 1.

How to Convert MP4 to WMV format on Mac/ PC without Quality Loss

For simplicity's sake, leave the settings at their default values unless you want to change the size, and quality of your video. Please note that you can save the currently settings as a custom profile— just click the "Save as Then type a new unique name and click the OK button. The saved custom profile will be displayed in the list of the "User Defined" category, and you will be able to use it later on to apply the same settings to another video. Aside from choosing a specific format you need, You may note that there are a great selection of device-targeted preset columns on the left pane.

This is great if you want to convert movies so you can watch them on a mobile device—no wasting time selecting a format and tweak the conversion settings to be suitable for your device. Once you choose that preset, the Mac app automatically adjusts its resolution and quality and other settings related to the video, you don't need to make any choices of this sort. You should now see a new window that comes up, along with progress bar running as the conversion takes place.

Make yourself a cup of coffee. As you see, it's quite simple to take a video in one format and then convert it to another format, including converting from the popular p. Even if you're a beginner that don't have any experience working with the video conversion utility, you should be able to get the job done with any problem. How to Convert h. Download Now!