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We have observed a growing number of threats for Macs in the past two years. While the numbers are still relatively low in relation to Windows computers, they are still skewed as Windows has nabbed the majority of the market share by 91 percent. Attackers have realized that Apple users are just as lucrative of a payday, if not more than Windows users. Both PCs and Macs offer a potentially securable machine. Most people assume that Windows and iOS come equipped to handle random downloads from the Internet and have no problem running potentially buggy software. This is just not the case.

Regardless of the machine, most users will willingly download a hazardous browser plug-in to gain access to something trivial online. One of the biggest issues faced by both Mac and PC users involves browser security. Internet Explorer and Safari have both proven problematic in this regard.

How to remove Mac iOS Security at Risk Error Code HT201155 pop up using Combo Cleaner

Browser vulnerably comes through 3 channels: Free browser add-ons or plug-ins can enable browsers to play videos, music, or games using Java. Unfortunately, not all plug-ins and add-ons are safe, and some may contain harmful malware or viruses. The first thing a user can do to reduce her risk of cyber attacks, regardless of the operating system, is to install an Internet Security software suite, such as Norton Security for both Mac and PC on the machine. Even Macs can use the added protection these days. Consider the use of a host-based firewall to ensure your online activities are encrypted and not seen by online assailants.

”Critical Security Warning” Scam – How Did I Get It

Additionally, you should always be cautious of browser plus-ins and add-ons. When in doubt, shut it out. Fortunately, there are solutions out there for both machine types and operating systems. If you use more than one device — like most of us do — you need an all-in-one security suite.

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Meet Norton Security Premium. All rights reserved. Firefox is a trademark of Mozilla Foundation. Mac, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. Other company names and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company. Emerging Threats. Which is more resistant to cyber threats? Authored by a Symantec employee. Safety for every device. Learn More. Where Are the Risks?

How to Reduce Your Risk The first thing a user can do to reduce her risk of cyber attacks, regardless of the operating system, is to install an Internet Security software suite, such as Norton Security for both Mac and PC on the machine. Enjoy peace of mind on every device you use with Norton Security Premium. Smart watches and internet security: Are my wearables secure? A brief timeline of digital safety. Data leak exposes millions of bank loan and mortgage documents. VPNFilter malware now targeting even more router brands. How to check if you're affected. Targeted attacks now moving into the IoT and router space.

Mac OS X security flaws IT should know about

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Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities affect billions of devices. What You Need to Know. Update your version of Firefox now! UCLA Health suffers possible medical breach. Two new vulnerabilities found in Mac OS X. Third Adobe Flash exploit found in hacking team data dump. Team GhostShell hacking group is back. Symantec partners with Europol in Ramnit botnet takedown.

Stolen funds from Starbucks customers another reminder to use unique passwords. Scammers take advantage of Ashley Madison breach. Safe online shopping tips for the holiday season.

Which Mac OS X security issue is most concerning?

Researchers create Thunderstrike 2-the firmware worm that attacks Macs. Popular photo printing website suffers possible credit card data breach. Pop-cultural relevance of hacking in today's world. PC or Mac: Norton at DefCon. New Windows zero-day exploit via cyberespionage group Sandworm discovered.

New vulnerability in OpenSSL could allow attackers to intercept secure communications. New Mac flaw can allow attackers access once it goes into sleep mode. New Internet Explorer vulnerability found - update your version now. New Internet Explorer vulnerability exposes serious phishing hole. New bugs found in Apple's iOS and Mac operating systems could result in stolen passwords.

New Android ransomware variant of Simplocker infects tens of thousands of devices. New adult-themed Android ransomware variant discovered. Apple had to patch it. A kernel flaw meant that a malicious application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges, giving bad guys access to anything on the device. Apple had to patch the kernel. A flaw in the WebKit library meant that processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution.

Apple had to patch WebKit. Another flaw meant that processing a malicious text message may lead to application denial of service, locking up the system.

Microsoft Windows 10 vs. Apple macOS: 18 security features compared

Apple had to patch that flaw as well. Many consumers, believing all the talk about how wonderful macOS is, choose to run without protection, trusting the macOS and its built-in application firewall to block all sorts of bad code. Bad news: IT and Security professionals should never make the same mistakes — we should know better. If a Mac user installs bad software, or adds a malicious browser extension, or opens a bad email attachment, or clicks on a phishing link or a nasty ad, their machine is corrupted — just like a Windows machine.

But within the enterprise, we need to be prepared to deal with these issues, even on Macs. You should also remove Macs from your corporate environment which are too old to run the latest version of macOS.