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The best Linux-specific solution is to use sysfs: Dave Dave 1, 20 This should be the best answer! Elismar Luz Elismar Luz 2 4. Welcome to Stackoverflow.

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Please post more info on your answer. What is it doing and why. Best answer in my opinion. The others are either not working al the time or depend on a fixed interface name. Should be the accepted answer. IMHO what it does is quite straightforward, it doesn't need explanations. That said this solution is dependant on ip route output format.

MAC_Find: How to find/display your MAC Address - Unix/Linux

For example, here's how you can see if enp0s25 is up: MajorTom MajorTom 21 1. This also works on macOS. Just like the Awk in my answer, which does pretty much the same thing in a single process instead of a pipeline invoking multiple processes.

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You can use the following solution s as well, which was found here: Simply run: Tested on different Linux flavors. Get MAC adress for eth0: I am very happy to read this article.. Fantastic nice.

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Find The MAC Address From The Command Line In Ubuntu 14.04

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How can I see my mac address on Ubuntu? Ask Question. Any help will be appreciated. Tom Brito Tom Brito 3 7 Open a terminal and run ifconfig: Brian Kintz Brian Kintz 5 9.

Find all local IPs and MAC Address with arp-scan

Use ip command instead of the outdated ifconfig Command: By the way, just ip a works too, but the longer syntax is more clear. Ken Ken 31 1.