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In addition to Command-Up and Command-Down , users can press Function-Left and Function-Right to achieve the same result that is, jump to the top or bottom of a document, respectively. Further, users can jump up or down a single page at a time by pressing Function-Up and Function-Down , respectively.

How to Scroll Through Pages on a MacBook

Note that these commands can be easy to mix up, and users might find themselves pressing Command-Right or Command-Left with the intention of jumping to the top or bottom of a page. But the age of smaller and thinner devices has necessitated a shrinking of the keyboards found on laptops and desktops, and most keyboards today, especially from Apple, lack these special navigation keys.

As a result, these useful time-saving keyboard shortcuts have been hidden in recent years behind the Command and Function modifiers, with many new Mac users completely oblivious to their existence. Filed Under: Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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