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Could you be a little bit more specific. Exactly where does the Boot Camp installation of Windows 7 fail? Is this a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows 7. I probably could post a procedure where the Boot Camp Assistant is not used. Have you installed Windows 7 on this Mac before. If so, which version of macOS were you using? Boot Camp only supports Windows 10 and later for my Mac.

Turning Your USB Stick into a Windows Installer

I originally had Windows 7 Ultimate, but did a full system reset and also removed my Windows partition from my device. Can I assume from your comment that at some point you had Mojave and Windows 7 Ultimate installed and working? I did have both installed at the same time working. I am not sure what boot method was used though. ViaxCo ViaxCo 7. You age getting warm. In other words, you are close to the correct answer. Let me point out a few possible errors.

First, if you read the link you posted, you will learn that that Boot Camp Support Software 5. Next, using Mojave to create an ExFat partition will no longer automatically create a a hybrid partitioned disk. I didn't know that. My bad. Now I have to use the GPT fdisk to change the disk type or? Thanks for all the help!

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This article gives extensive detail on how to create Hybrid MBR partition: Ravenous Ravenous 36 2. I'll look into that since my OS is pretty new still. What I usually do is the following: Then use Bootcamp to install your Windows 7 as normal.

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Upgrade OSX if you like. As others have said, it's probably best to just use bootcamp and set windows as the default. Unless you're putting everything on one big raid volume and booting straight from that, osx isn't really hurting anything except a few megs off your boot volume, but that's not typically a problem.

Not sure if you can simply install Windows 7 from scratch i. Windows 7 Pro, x64 disc boots fine on Mac Pro. Just delete all existing Mac partition, and create new Windows partitions, and reformat the new partitions.

Windows 7 installs and boots as is. Then insert Snow Leopard disc and install Boot Camp drivers. Install Windows 7, put the OSX disk in, and rather than letting it autorun, open the disk manually and select setup. The compatibility checks Boot Camp seems to run appear to be bypassed this way.

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It worked for me on my mad science rig "Abby", but she was dual booting Ubuntu Macbook Pro 2,1. Standart install worked fine and i used 64 bit drives from intel, ati and others not bootcamp drivers. USB stick with windows 7 installation image and HDD partition with already installed windows 7 later.

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Installing Windows 7 on your Mac using Boot Camp

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. I don't need Mac OS at all and just want to install Windows 7. Patrick Klug Patrick Klug 1 2 I didn't and if you mainly want to run Windows on it I wouldn't recommend it. This is for Vista, but the same rules should apply to 7. Joseph Joseph 1, 3 22