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Whether business or private occasion, beautifully designed invitation cards are very important part of preparing for the event. Business invitation can be formal or informal.

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Business Etiquette dictates sending formal invitations by mail. Depending on the event, invitations should be sent out anywhere from 2 to 8 month before the event so your guests have enough time to make a decision and plan their attendance.

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Informal invitations can be send by email or fax anywhere from 2 weeks to a few month before the event. While creating formal business invitation, make sure you consider including the following components:. There are no strict rules on what must be included in the informal business invitation; consider using the same components as for formal invitation but change the tone of your message to a less formal one.

Private invitations will differ depending on the nature of the event and those you are inviting. If you want to add image on your card then you can also browse path of image. Now your card is ready to print, Go to print button. To print your designed party invitation Card, set all page properties and other print settings. Click on 'Print' button. You can also see print preview of your designed party invitation card using 'preview' option. DRPU Software. Contact Details. Order Online. Whether you're hosting a marriage party, birthday party, company party or any other type of party, you can design and send multiple party invitation cards with different images and text value simultaneously.

Software provides various designing tools including ClipArt, Text, Line, Shape type and Insert image for designing party invitaion card. Advanced Print setting option to print designed party invitation cards with support to all major types of printers. If you would like a bit more color on your wedding invitation, take a look at this eye-catching template. The date and time details are in a traditional format and all contained in the center surrounded by a floral background. Another template with two on a page, this one gives you a modern meets traditional feel.

Holiday party invitation

For guys or gals graduating from high school or college, these graduation party templates are great. Whether you want to keep it simple or pop in an attractive photo of the graduate, here are two super options. For a universal graduation party invitation, this template can be used for graduates ranging from kindergarten to college. It has basic colors, themed images, and very little text to adjust. Maybe you would like a truly unique invitation for your graduation party.

This one is more suitable to those graduating from high school and above.

Holiday party invitation

Insert your favorite photo of the graduate, swap out the details, and send a one-of-a-kind invitation to the ceremony or party. Help your friend or family member prepare for their new bundle of joy. Take on the task of creating and sending the baby shower invitations yourself with these adorable templates. This cute baby shower invitation template comes complete with spots for those hosting the party and their contact information.

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There is also a sweet introduction, which you can remove if you prefer. If you prefer to stay neutral with the colors, this green and yellow printable invitation is delightful with its baby footprints and a pacifier.

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After you complete the sections for the baby shower details, print the invitation and fold it into quarters. If you want an invitation with a greeting card style, this is a great template.

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While these invitation templates may not cover every single type of celebration one could have, they do take care of the most common ones. Hopefully, there is one here to suit your upcoming party or event. You can visit these sites to save money on your wedding and get rid of your stress while you plan your big day Weddings Are Stressful: How much easier wedding planning can be if someone just pointed you to the right tools. Explore more about: