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Remove Incompatible Extensions Try using incognito mode. Solution 5: Clear Your Cache and Cookies Cached data and cookies may somehow affect the use of browsers if having not been cleared for long. Solution 6: Unmute the Browser and the Plugins You should go check out whether the browser is set to be mute in Volume Mixer. Solution 7: Solution 8: Try Different Web Browsers Last but not least, the browser may be the one to take the responsibility of no volume on YouTube videos.

Workaround 1: Workaround 2: Restart Your Mobile Phone The YouTube sound problem may be caused by a system glitch temporarily, which can be resolved by a fresh new restart. Workaround 3: Update or Re-install YouTube If you're using the YouTube app to watch videos but play no sound on videos, you may need to check out whether there is an available update for YouTube.

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Workaround 4: Workaround 5: Use Alternatives to Enjoy YouTube Videos If the above methods fail to help you out on the mobile phone, you may consider using an alternative to the YouTube app. Workaround 6: Repair If It's a Hardware Problem If all workarounds end up in vain, perhaps it's a hardware problem with your speaker on the cell phone, which is nothing I can do. Lowrie Beacham. Alexander Siloti. Emily Watson. Hi Alexander, Thank you so much for the trick!

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Share Your Masterpiece on FonePaw. Featured Stories. Jan 31 , Hidata: Better Support for iOS Dec 24 , Tips: How to Enable Dark mode on Android Nov 23 , XS Max vs. XR vs. Sep 27 , iPhone XR vs. May Messages in iCloud: Files Recovery for PC Apr 18 , Mar 21 , Feb 23 , November Can't Sleep?

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September iOS 11 and iPad Pro: Can It Replace a Laptop? August Android 8. July iOS 11 Public Beta: June Apple's Siri Speaker: April WhatsApp Beta: Which is the Better to Buy? A Strong Competitor against Siri? What Can it Do? How to Get it on Your Device? Mar 23 , Xperia XZ Premium: February MWC What to Expect? Feb 03 , Hopefully you were able to fix no sound problem on YouTube by now and it is time you might consider downloading the favorite music files from YouTube and save it on your computer.

You can use Airy YouTube downloader for that. Airy is a perfect little YouTube downloader for Mac. Airy is free for the first two downloads and if you feel you need way more than that, get a registered version of Airy from its official website. How to download a music file from YouTube with Airy: So there are the tips on how to fix no sound problems on YouTube and if you do not wish to deal with that anymore, just try downloading.

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In your browser open YouTube video you want to download. Click Download. That's it!

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Airy will show the file to you when you click the Finder icon by the file name in the app. Also there is the possibility to integrate Airy with your web browser, so that when you are on youtube. Why Airy: Unplugging and replugging the eighth-inch jack from the back of the computer fixed my problem.

An easier way to reset the Core Audio is to just open the Activity Monitor which also lets you know if Core Audio is using too much RAM , select it, then quit or force quit….

How to Fix Sound Not Working on a Mac

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