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You can find all of your files, and grab the ones you want. No matter how much I research a piece MakeUseOf readers always manage to teach me something new in the comments. Oh, and Windows users: We sometimes forget with all the focus on Windows 8's new "Modern" interface, but Windows 8 has a variety of great desktop improvements. One of them is File History, a built-in backup feature that functions Explore more about: Your email address will not be published.

If service data is on a non-startup volume, or both the startup and non-startup need to be restored

My problem is I have a new MacBook Pro with a much smaller SSD than my old one's HD, and I only want copy specific subfolders from for example my documents folder in the old one's backup files. But when I open any of the backups I only find partial backups. I hadn't used it for documents for a while - but I don't know the exact date I stopped using it. It still was backing up. I can't find a way to determine WHAT backup file has a complete documents Does anyone know of a way to figure this out?

Did you ever find a solution to your enquiry re partial time machine backups? I have a very similar situation. Trying to recover what I can from partial backups, but unable to get into them. Hi Justin, I just accidentally dropped my macbook on my hardwood floor not far maybe half a foot but it was a definite shake on the side it dropped from. Last time this happened about 4 or so years ago , I rememebr it was a very small drop as well, but it completely destroyed my hardrive. Within a couple of days my computer was freezing and the Internet would not load up after restarts, and by the end of the week it would be stuck on the grey screen of death.

So naturally I am currently freaking out.

2. Copy Sparsebundle To The Network, Then Mount It

I just backed it up on an external drive last night using Time Machine, and am backing it up again now, but I'm worried Time Machine will not be enough to restore what I have on my Mac if I have to end up getting a new laptop in the next couple of days. You mention in the article that it will restore some of the software, how can I more thoroughly back it up? Further, I was considering for my next laptop to get a PC instead of another Apple product, will I be able to restore it from my backup? Please help: Hello I use an Imac and a macbook pro. I have backups for both on a NAS Synology. It was done by a reliable apple retailer.

I did not ask for a clone of the hard drive, having a time machine backup on my NAS. And truly, I relied on it very much because it worked so well last year when I had to change the hard drive of my Imac after a crash. But now when restarting the mackbook and trying to restore using time machine, it simply does not see my backup. Instead, it sees the backup of the other machine, the Imac. Plus, the system also proposes to restore data from another NAS located in my internet box, but on which there has never been any backup.

Perhaps I should add what I've tried before posting this question: I chose the option restore from a Time machine backup. Now I'm lost I was wondering if anyone could help me with that? I'm sorry, I don't know how to help you. Did you use the instructions above, or the method provided by Synology? If you use a network device to back up with time machine, chances are it's totally useless to you if you want to import to a new computer. My display went out iMac and when I got the new computer nothing I could do would recognize the network time machine backup.

Use Carbon copy cloner, not time machine. Time machine will not help you if the sparse bundle is on a network drive. Recently did a restore of OS X Everything went smoothly. Let's call this MacBook 1. At first I hesitated to do this when an outcome is uncertain, sometimes I hesitate, LOL but decided just to try and do it. While certainly not an exhaustive test, the Time Machine backup from MacBook 1 would not load just to browse and copy some files on MacBook 2.

Turn Your NAS Or Windows Share Into A Time Machine Backup

Should this be considered the normal outcome? I have limited experience with downgrading, but my suspicion is that you shouldn't restore from Time Machine after doing that, and you were correct to not try. Browsing to find the files and recovering them manually shouldn't be a problem, though. There's a chance you've got a corrupted backup, can you still access it from the other Macbook? That is to say, MacBook 1 was connected to the external drive that previously was only connected to MacBook 1.

The external drive was exclusively purchased for use with Time Machine on MacBook 1. Call this external drive, External Drive 1. It mostly showed files from What I wanted were files that were recently created when it was running Yosemite. It showed files that were created more recently like I wanted but no additional file data, like date created or file size. Time Machine exited, a Finder window opened or was reopened and the restored files were now available.

They were immediately copied to the thumb drive.

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In my haste I failed to notice that a second Finder window was open, which would have allowed me to place them on the thumb drive in a more organized location. I'm glad you got your files back! What a journey that was. If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I'll read them. My computer froze last night, and in attempting to fix the problem I held down on the power button to turn off, and then turned it back on. However, at this point a screen with a folder and question mark appeared. My problem is this: I haven't made a backup in who knows how long.

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Restore macOS Server from a Time Machine backup

Der Flounder Seldom updated, occasionally insightful. Home About Contact. To recover the system: In the Restore Your System dialog, click Continue. Select your Time Machine backup volume. Select the Time Machine backup you want to restore. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Recreate folders that are not included in the Time Machine backup as described below. Exceptions to the rule: Like this: Like Loading Comments 8 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. Hi, Very helpful article! All the best, Bojan. Hi there, Very helpful article indeed. Snow Leopard Server For more information on that, see here: The free solution that works: You need: Step 1.

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